Look at me... startin' a thread. Sorry no quote, but hopefully midas will throw one in here

Looking for $3.25 today maybe a break of it...

Call me crazy Was trying to write up an article on it for SA but way too technical. Just seems everything is aligned.

Though those are the times people get burned So, there it is ... yes I know op ex today but underlies like 2.5 million shares. Weak position.

Consider the slope of the 50 day and Liberty's assumed best interests. In my opinion that is maintaining the slope of that 50 day on average a half cent up per day.

50 days ago was the last pop, and each pop has been roughly in line with a previous pop... 50 days prior, give or take 1 day.

I could be wrong, I guess, but since I can't really watch things tomorrow I figured I'd throw my thoughts out here. Look at 8/08, 10/18, 1/2... now 3/15.

Doesn't have to pop Friday... but it gets hairy here as the price rapidly shot up and in order to maintain the average rate of incline, the price has to be about 25 cents up over what it was 50 trading days ago.

Buncha voodoo perhaps. Maybe too much coffee for me late at night, but assuming the market cooperates, I shall have my $3.40 by the end of this month damn it!

The other side of the coin is if Liberty wants what is best for SIRI, and that would be for this thing to trade sideways for another 40 days or so as SIRI slowly buys shares. I still see some appreciation in that case, though. SIRI buying cheaper now is better for shareholders (including LMCA), but is a 25 cent benefit that big a deal in the grand scheme of things? Perhaps maintaining slope is better at slightly higher cost...

For me, I'm long. This is just amusement trying to guess when it's gonna move, but thought I'd share some thoughts.