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Looking at the ONVO chart I don't see anything jumping off the screen which gives me any particular urge. Also, I wonder how much faith we put in the words of the broker who sponsors the stock. Wouldn't he necessarily have something to gain by putting out such information (whether it is true or not)? Would this be akin to "insider information"?

Don't get me wrong, but it surely would be nice to have a big chunk of ONVO if or when they get to the NASDAQ.............which however, begs one more question. I'm trying to think back a couple years as SIRI was inching toward the QQQQ listing, and if memory serves, that was not simply an automatic "application" process, and it didn't just happen on a random time frame. Didn't it have to do with Market Valuation as a minimal entry point, followed by a ranking amongst closest competitors? Seems to me all the ducks were lined up long in advance, and it was Dec 31 or some fixed date when the symbol began to be listed on that exchange............... Does anyone else here recall any of what I am saying? If so, please chime in. In the meantime, I'll try to recapture some of that entry qualification consideration.
OK, first I apologize if I am dumbing this down.

Spencer Trask is a private equity firm, they fund private companies, not public, and bring private firms out to the public. They are not "stock brokers" My guy no longer has any interest in ONVO except in the fact the company and its bigger players probably still have shares of the now public company. Someone who was in on the financing put x dollars in and got x shares for a dollar each before it went public AND had a warrant to buy x more shares at a dollar up to a certain date after it went public. It has been in the news for a while that ONVO was calling in all the warrants and cleaning up the debt on the balance sheet to satisfy the listing requirements to be listed on NASDAQ. This was news a month or two ago, and frankly it slipped my mind until I was reminded of it on this phone call yesterday as we reminisced about all the good investments we have done together. I believe the listing requirements include a price of over a dollar and some other stuff listed here....


This is clearly what ONVO has been planning on, any "real" company of course does. When it does happen there will be a nice pop to the upper sinl;ge digits I suspect.

I am playing the swings and keeping a core of shares always on place.

My opinion and experience, take it with a grain of salt.