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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread, Monday 3.11.13........... late start

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    SIRI Daily Thread, Monday 3.11.13........... late start

    Gosh, no thread started for today, at least not that I can see. Hope this finds everyone in good spirits and ready to make a couple bucks this week.

    PS. Somewhere, sometime over the weekend mention was made regarding the need for a weekend thread, to which I have the following suggestion:

    Not to give credit to some other venue, but for those of us who graduated over here from SWP, you will recall the practice of weekend posts being contributed on the Friday thread. Rather than naming specific threads for the weekend, I propose that we can follow that lead and do our commentary through the weekend on the Friday thread. All in favor, say AYE, (or otherwise, just show up on the Friday thread if you have something to say over the weekend).
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