In summer 2010 I left my car with a dealership to have some warranty work completed and while there they did some body damage to it. Once they finished the warranty work it had to be sent to an offsite body shop. Long story short the vehicle manufacturer was only willing to cover the expense of the rental car through Enterprise for the days it was there for the warranty work and left the dealership to foot the bill for the rest. Instead of continuing with the rental car the dealership gave me a relatively new vehicle that had taken in on trade but had not been put out on the used car lot yet.

The vehicle was a 2010 Dodge Charger with factory installed Sirius/XM. Since the subscription on the Charger was expired I called Listener Care with the unit ID number and had it added to my account for the time I had the car. When I provided the ID number they knew what year make and model the car was without me telling them. The vehicle I owned at the time only had a dock n play unit so they did not have this information for my car.

Fast forward to Summer 2012 I began receiving letters in the mail from companies wanting to sell me an extended warranty on my 2010 Dodge Charger. I also began receiving letters from car dealerships wanting me to trade in my 2010 Dodge Charger. I blocked my phone number and called a few of them to see where they got their information but none of customer service people I spoke to had that sort of information.

The only company that would have had any record of me having that vehicle was Sirius/XM. The dealership only gave me a copy of the paperwork showing they had purchased the vehicle, nothing had my name on it. My insurance company also had no knowledge of the details on the vehicle, the dealership just called them on the phone to ask if my insurance would transfer to a rental.

After receiving half a dozen of these in a few weeks I called Listen Care to inquire about the possibility that Sirius/XM was selling customer’s information. Of course the representatives that answer the phone had no information about that but took my name and number to have someone call me back. After multiple calls I still have not heard from anybody at Sirius/XM regarding the issue.

I am curious to know if any other Sirius/XM customers with factory installed radios in vehicles model year 2010 or older have received similar offers in the mail. At this point I am still receiving junk mail on this car that I have never owned almost weekly.

I currently own a 2011 Model Year vehicle with factory XM so I will be watching my mail later this year for similar offers from the same companies.