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Thread: Friday, 3-1-13, "×××DOOMSDAY×××"

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    Next stop 3.20 for my 3.11s

    EDIT: If not then I will just enjoy my NALGAHIGHSIRI.....................

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    go get em boy

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    Hey Midas, Ka-CHING!!!
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    BUY THE 50 DAY MA...

    How much easier could it be? :P Keep saying it... keep saying it.... "mumble mumble"...

    Granted I am not trying to trade it... although I might be doing that scaling in and out of calls for leverage here in effect, but grab those 50 day dips! I really think LMCA will protect current trajectory here with the SIRI buybacks.... and that means gradual up with the 50 day as rough support. Pop, consolidate, quick dip, and off it goes again.

    Watch that $3.20 and $3.25 Watch $3.23 for close.

    Inverse head and shoulders on the 60 min chart? Anyone else seeing that? Might not land ON $3.40 end of March but I think we'll see it print this month.

    Still needs to clear $3.20 to make me happy.

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    Congrats RC!! Nice way to head into the weekend, eh?

    Quote Originally Posted by Redcloud View Post
    Hey Midas, Ka-CHING!!!

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    Missed my call the close of $3.12 in the last minute, but I'll take $3.135. This one's for all the Suckers with Egg on their face, not the Sheeples because they know not, specifically the Shorts.

    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Faulkner_SA View Post
    Since you like to post songs Redcloud.... here ya go :P

    That's right Faukner, Lace up your boots Brother!!!
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by switchflare View Post
    Redcloud, regarding the comments late yesterday about SiriusXM tuners...I'm pretty sure that Sirius's current satellites are one-way only. I made the analogy of AM/FM just for the tuner concept. The head units are still tuners, albeit digital. They still tune the range of the satellite broadcasts. The one-way satellites can push new channel lineups, etc to the head units. The head units cache the lineups, favorites, etc. It also does the caching of the recordings and other storage too.

    Two-way satellite communication requires a non-trivial amount of power and signal direction. I don't foresee them leveraging two-way satellite communication for vehicles any time soon. I'm pretty sure that they're using a cell radio and leveraging agreements with terrestrial networks for the telematics and other two-way feeds.

    It was late last night, guess I shoulda been more specific, I don't see the older sats playing a part in data sevices, they more less will keep things going as usual, imo. Specifically, I think FM-5 and FM-6 will work in conjunction with each other to provide some type of data service, but first the hardware on the ground has to catch up, hence partnerships.

    I've got some files I could share, but haven't been able to figure out how to upload PDF's

    I do feel that even the old radio's have the capability to upload, albeit may be minute.
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    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoons View Post
    Yesterday I posted a DJI 1yr chart and today I post the NASDAQ 1yr chart. Similar look. Thoughts? I was a little surprisd by the lack of comments from yesterday. Seems like everyone is more interested in talking about modems, AM/FM, transponders.

    BTW - congrats to all those DECK holders.

    Is it me or does the market appear to be rewarding and punishing at extreme levels? Very volatile as indicated by this chart.
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    Spoons, I never use the DOW as a correlation to SIRI, SIRI is it's own dog, and if you know anything about dogs, you know they can be hard headed. There's nothing anyone can show me about any other indice or stock that will change what I know and have seen over the years about SIRI. It's a rebel. Follows it's own rules. Anything else is static/noise, imo.
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Peace out people, Have a great weekend!!!
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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