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Thread: Friday, 3-1-13, "×××DOOMSDAY×××"

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    Friday, 3-1-13, "×××DOOMSDAY×××"

    Lets' ROLL!!!
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Morning Redcloud! You ready to grab your ankles? Cash is KING!

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    Since you like to post songs Redcloud.... here ya go :P

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    Everybody must be in their bunkers. I'm locked, cocked, and ready to Rock!!! Fully loaded, and prepared for the pop shock.
    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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    Redcloud, regarding the comments late yesterday about SiriusXM tuners...I'm pretty sure that Sirius's current satellites are one-way only. I made the analogy of AM/FM just for the tuner concept. The head units are still tuners, albeit digital. They still tune the range of the satellite broadcasts. The one-way satellites can push new channel lineups, etc to the head units. The head units cache the lineups, favorites, etc. It also does the caching of the recordings and other storage too.

    Two-way satellite communication requires a non-trivial amount of power and signal direction. I don't foresee them leveraging two-way satellite communication for vehicles any time soon. I'm pretty sure that they're using a cell radio and leveraging agreements with terrestrial networks for the telematics and other two-way feeds.

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    some are all all siri! LONG N STRONG SIRI!

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    Just a reminder on SIRI...

    Today at midnight is the deadline for the 7% bondholders to take the deal. This could be the reason we are seeing bigger volume and BIG blocks today and yesterday. Also some sort of rebalancing today.

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    Yesterday I posted a DJI 1yr chart and today I post the NASDAQ 1yr chart. Similar look. Thoughts? I was a little surprisd by the lack of comments from yesterday. Seems like everyone is more interested in talking about modems, AM/FM, transponders.

    BTW - congrats to all those DECK holders.

    Is it me or does the market appear to be rewarding and punishing at extreme levels? Very volatile as indicated by this chart.

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