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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread Wed 2.27.13 - Wacky Wednesday!

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    @Faulkner, I'm with ya brother, I went conservative, I had a thought of $3.15, but my homie has already picked that one up anyway, I say it's between you him and me. I know one thing, if anybody doubts it can't go to $3.40 in a month, their crazy, imo, and I would take them back for a history lesson in Oct. No one would have ever thought $3.00 was in the mix within a month in Oct., would they, everyone was being lulled into a Doom and Gloom scenario. OH! My! Oh My! It's dis-heartening, as Larry the Cable guy would say,"Sorry about that!" Shortie
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    The 5 day seems to have a micro inverted head and shoulders in it.
    Anybody that buys $2.50 Jan., 2014 calls today is getting a bargain, wish I had some dry powder:/
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    For those who seek examples of what "Stikky Stock Charts" teaches, I present my latest venture using nothing but the strategy of buying and selling on the third and subsequent touches of the lower and upper trend lines, respectively. Today, while I admit I apparently dozed and failed to respond exactly at the lower trend line "touch", I executed a buy order shortly therafter (at $45). I'm pleased to see the stock closed at $46.78, and is at 46.85 in AH. The stock is GMCR (Green Mountain Coffee Roasters), and from the attached chart you will see that it has rebounded off the lower trend line and is possibly headed to the upper trend line which likely will be (extrapolated) at $55 or above. Here's the chart which dictated my buy order:
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    Bet against Malone and Loose,,, HAHAHAHAHA

    I learned a long time ago, never bet on the underdog. Pull them strings Malone, make them suckers dance....
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    This place is dead as a door nail, I guess everyone is licking their wounds. GLA

    Anybody heard from Rad? Rad what's been up? Holler at me when you get a chance, I put my big toe back in the greens. Alright little toe between now and 4-20 it's gonna be some fun.

    Close tomorrow $3.11

    buy during uncertainty, imo
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    SIRIUS XM is competing with less free

    Pandora to Introduce 40-Hours Monthly Limit on Free Mobile Listening
    6:15 PM ET 2/27/13 | Dow Jones
    By Nathalie Tadena

    Pandora Media Inc. (P) said it will introduce a 40-hours-per-month limit on free mobile listening, as the Internet radio company looks to manage rising royalty costs.

    In a blog post on the company's website, Pandora said the new limit will affect less than 4% of its total monthly active users. The company said the average listener spends about 20 hours listening to Pandora across all devices in any given month.

    In the post, company co-founder Tim Westergren said "limiting listening is a very unusual thing to do, and very contrary to our mission." Pandora noted its per-track royalty rates have jumped more than 25% over the last three years, including a 9% increase in 2013 alone, and are scheduled to rise an additional 16% over the next two years. After a close look at overall listening, Mr. Westergren said, the mobile listening limit allows the company to "manage these escalating costs with minimal listener disruption."

    The company said that listeners who reach the 40-hour mobile listening limit can pay 99 cents for unlimited listening for the remainder of that month or can listen for free for as many hours as desired on desktop and laptop computers. Users can also subscribe to Pandora One for unlimited listening and no advertising. The company said it will alert listeners that start getting close to the 40 hour limit.

    The company had 65.6 million active listeners at the end of January, an increase of 38% from a year ago, and recorded 1.39 billion total listener hours, up 47% from the year-ago month.

    Pandora had been reporting wider quarterly losses, as the company's robust listener growth has brought with it higher royalty costs for the songs it plays. However, it reported in December that its fiscal third-quarter profit jumped as the company's sharply higher revenue helped mask a big rise in costs.

    Shares were off by three cents to $12.71 after hours. The stock has climbed 51% over the past three months.

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    Thanks Wolfe!!! Glad your still around!!! Been missing the anomalies you see.
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    We own the Dash....and Siri, Libetry/Directtv & At&t all have contracts together. the car will be connected. Any competition, you better get to launching some satellites, and trying to get yourself in some cars, besides with a cell phone. Our hardware has already been decided and is mostly in place, and none of the competition knows what it's capabities are, Check Mate!

    Just saw a new directTV commercial, got to say they some of the best when it comes to marketing
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