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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread 2/26/13 - futures look bleak

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    At work and can't listen.......Anything new to note about what Meyer said other than he sounds better than Mel?

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    Any news, can't listen right now?

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    Nah, not really. Nothing unexpected at least.

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    SIRI pierced through my lower trend line and bounced nicely.


    Which also so happens to be the mid point of the BB ish on the Weekly chart....and or the 18 sma ish on the Weekly


    Seems to be nice support in that area based on the last couple of hits. If it breaks through though...looks like the correction could be a bit longer and lower.

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    I keep saying I have lost confidence in SIRI............ or at least I don't envision double-digit pops as in the past, and considering the softness in price lately, I'm sighing a sigh of relief to be all out but for a few thousand shares.......... 90% cash for now, waiting for market stability and opportunity to get back in, but probably not as heavy into SIRI.

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    I am 60% out. I owned too many SIRI shares anyway.
    Charles LaRocca
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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    I am 60% out. I owned too many SIRI shares anyway.
    I hear you Charles. I'm thankful for this little wake up call of late...... It caused me to recognize that SIRI was about 80% of my total portfolio. Thank goodness I've been able to pare down gradually to 15% without too much pain (picked up decent profits from the likes of FSLR, DDD, AMT, SBUX, and others) while SIRI was declining................... And then, ironically I've had to stop out of those money makers in order to salvage my gains. While I'm not eager to shed my cash, I will be looking for new opportunity to pounce on when time is right.

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    Here is a replay of the Sirius XM Conference call from this morning for those that missed it.

    The guys in chat posted the link. You just have to register to listen. Hope this helps.

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    I hear ya. I have more cash than stocks right now. I hate being in cash but I am determined to jump back in on a pullback or, if I'm wrong about a pullback, sniff out an entirely new opportunity.
    Charles LaRocca
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    I was able to snag a few this morning at 2.99. Just sold it all at 2.09... I think that we will surely see that 2.91 gap fill. It great to see sirius finally moving again.

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