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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread 2/26/13 - futures look bleak

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    ^ THIS! ^

    I've never believed in chat and no one has ever given me a good reason to. The problem with chat is, if you're not there to see it you miss out on a ton of great information. There are a lots of good people here who can only check in and chime in after work or at random times throughout the day. If people put great information into a chat, it would be a disservice to all the readers/contributors who miss it.

    Instead, I encourage people here to post in the daily thread with a chat-like frenzy! In the meantime I will look into creating a realtime auto-updated feed display so the forum behaves like a chat/wall.
    Sounds cool...

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    I agree SB. I'm one who sometimes has a chance to check during the day but I would miss a lot if you opened a chat room

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