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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread 2/26/13 - futures look bleak

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    SIRI Daily Thread 2/26/13 - futures look bleak

    I never started a thread before, and I have no idea what a Sticky is, or how to so designate my post if appropriate.

    U.S. Futures are up marginally while all other worldly indices are down significantly. I think that might mean we will have a difficult time staying in the Green today. GLTA.

    PS. If anyone knows how to edit my title to include "SIRI daily thread", then I welcome your assist.
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    Today is a happy and sad day for me. Dow is up 80ish, MJNA is up 2+ cents, but SIRI is down 5 cents. It's definitely looking like the 2.92 gap is going to fill so I'm beginning to think about putting a buy in at 2.93. Is that the plan for alot of you others as well?

    GM all BTW.

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    Sirius is looking a little anemic and lost. Something is going on. I like Yoda's logic in that it could be filling the 2.92 gap.
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    Just another thought... SIRI gapped down this morning and in theory should fill it. Anyone playing today's gap?


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    I'm cashing out. I might be tempted in the low $2.90s but that also depends on the larger market too.

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    When's Meyers speaking?
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    12:30 eastern

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    I like Meyer's confident communication.....doing a bang up job......very detailed.......better sounding than MEL

    EDIT: Sorry Mel

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    I agree. He handles this much better.

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    Mr Meyer"s did a great job speaking today. I enjoyed listening to him so much more than Mel.

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