Hi folks, first post.

I've been a subscriber for about 10 years now. Over that time period I've owned two "Roady 2" radios because I need the portability of the Roady. I move it between three cars and an RV as we travel (or work truck during the week). In three of these four vehicles I can only use the XM in FM broadcast mode because the radios in them don't have an audio aux connection. Additionally, I can use the broadcast mode to broadcast to other FM radios I have around the house (eg, on the back porch while we're entertaining 'round the B-B-Q).

In the past, the Roadys would put out enough signal to carry 50 to 100 feet. Problem is that when the last Roady finally died a few weeks ago, I had to replace it with the Onyx. The Onyx only wants to transmit about 5 feet. The signal quality is so poor that in one of my vehicles it barely works. Customer service/tech support at XM HQ in the Philippines hasn't been much help. Not to whine to much, especially in my first post, but they don't seem to understand what "FM Broadcast Mode" actually is.

Does anybody know the specs on the Onyx? Or where to find them? The one tech support person I got thru that seemed to understand what I needed says that the radio specs are not posted for them to see. For the record, she did say that the Roady was designed to transmit 15 meters.

Any ideas?