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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread Thu 2.21.13 - Red Alert Thursday

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    Quote Originally Posted by midas360 View Post
    I know green stocks have taken beating over at Seeking Alpha lately but could they be wrong? Take a look at this article that was published today:

    Are we gearing up for another possible run? Giddy Up Horsey!
    I sure hope so! Got careless and put a little more than i should have into MJNA. Taking my eyes off the ticker for a little while and will be patient

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    Quote Originally Posted by jackweed View Post
    I sure hope so! Got careless and put a little more than i should have into MJNA. Taking my eyes off the ticker for a little while and will be patient
    Hear ya, I am beaten down, day trading a bit off the bottoms, and holding for the next bounce. Good conference in DC and legislative meeting/lobbying next week is a good sign.

    Bad days in the markets, seen em before, good days follow eventually. We have to be patient and smart.

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    It would probably be a lot easier if I was smoking some right now to help the time fly. haha

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    I know that we still have an hour until the market closes, but siri is holding up well considering the dip this am. MJNA is risky!!! I wish everyone the best with that one..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoons View Post
    Hear ya...I split the difference and sold 50% at $3.09 (loss). Needed to create some powder. I feel better for doing it at this moment
    I used the 50% strategy on another stock, worked out well, I was able to avoid a giant drop later. Problem was I didn't leave it as cash and bought something else, rode that up didn't sell then rode it down today, lol! oh well, saved about 10% loss at least on that half

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    I opted for a little different strategy: dumped all my Pink Sheet and OTC "pipe dreams" and used that dry powder to buy the dips on some quality issues which surely will rebound when things settle down. You guys can chase those Green stocks; I'm more interested in building my positive bank in the likes of AMT, SBUX, FSLR, DDD, BAC, and F to name a few............. and others which look just as tempting. Let the DOW climb back to 14000 and I'll start feeling I've made all the right moves.

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    midas, thanks very much for posting that link. It made my day a litter brighter.

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    Well I hope people loaded up with some more siri on the advice of Jeff Pierce. He said $3.02 would be a gift.

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    Jeff is a super insightful / bright guy. Always value his opinions

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    @Delta... you're welcome.

    @Everyone... I was able to buy the dips thanks to the guys in chat BUT I did flip the trade at $3.10. I don't like these sudden drops and recoveries with lower lows going into the close.

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