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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread Tue 2.19.13 - Welcome Back Tuesday!

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    Here's my first report on the charting tool TC-2000. While it proposes to have user control similar to Freestockcharts, I found myself floundering a bit, but finally accomplished a basic understanding. Regarding its ability to capture OTC and Pink Sheet stocks, I don't see that happening. Nonetheless, my initial opinion of the program is that I see it has lots of analytic capability, and its graphing presentation is quite robust and pleasing to the eye. i plan to explore deeper into its capabilities and will be reporting m findings here.

    Here is my capture of SIRI at the close. Note how I have included a shorrt-term trend analysis which clearly shows a symetrical triangle...........this means it is anybody's guess which way the price will go. Only time will tell.
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    Steady as she goes!!!


    Them shorts will catch on sooner or later, hahahahaha!!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Spoons View Post
    Yes..very nice on FSLR...have a sell order in at $37
    Lesson learned today. Set sell price slightly lower than psychological whole number....missed my order by $.02

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