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Thread: Stiletto 2 Internet log in bug and firmware update not available

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    Stiletto 2 Internet log in bug and firmware update not available

    I've been on the phone with customer support all morning. There is a problem on their end. I suspect they introduced a bug because they forgot to code for the Stiletto. Internet connection is now asking for a usercode & password. Plus the site to download the firmware no longer works.

    After going through the hell that is 1st tier support (knew nothing about the Stiletto and told me if I was using the internet I need to subscribe to the internet radio service) I finally got through to 2nd tier. They were helpful and we tried all kinds of stuff for about 30 minutes. She even gave me a temporary internet password and it did not work. Finally she suggested updating the software, so I tried a complete wipe (turning on with both bottom buttons pressed) and ran the recovery disk (I've done this dozens of times because after recording a lot of stuff it's memory disk gets errors). Now the recovery program doesn't work. It authenticates and says it's downloading the latest firmware from Sirius, then it times out and says I'm not connected to the internet. They have really screwed things up. The issue got escalated to engineering but was told it could take 7-10 business days to resolve!!! So no firmware updates are currently available.

    The other thing I noticed was that earlier in the week, the display changed and no longer says "internet" on the bottom of the screen, but now said "Internet Radio." I suspect one of 2 things
    1) They really screwed up the programming and made a breaking change for the Stiletto
    2) They are going to force us to pay for Internet Service as a stealth price and 1) above still applies

    I've got four suscriptions across 2 accounts (different cars, so I am required to have a Sirius and XM account AND DON'T GET A DISCOUNT!!! Part of the separate company bullshit Sirius is pulling with Howard so we all get hit with shrapnel) and I don't intend on paying for internet access on top of the thousands I've already spent over the past several years. If this is not fixed soon, I'm closing my accounts
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