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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread Fri 2.15.13 - Meteor Shower Friday!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SiriusBuzz View Post
    Definitely a slow day. There is a typically a direct correlation between the market and the activity on the forums. I wish we could expand the forums into other areas outside of stocks for just this reason but, no one seems to like chatting in the misc.

    Maybe people are gearing up for vacation/long weekend?

    Again, not sure if anyone cares but, I got back into Amazon at $255 after getting out at $275 before earnings. I figured I should mention this because I only mentioned my sell and my dislike of the stock going into earnings with limited upside potential so, I should probably mention that is no longer my feeling about the stock.

    I am still out of NFLX at $170. Definately missed some upside but, I made a lot of money and I'm happy. I still think a pullback is coming.
    HB and Charles, no one I know of is "foe-ing" anybody here. Very slow day, so I suspect that is the primary reason for silence.

    Regarding chatting in other threads, I prefer to hang out here amongst those I met at other "SIRI-related" places, and I resist the notion to go to other threads for talk outside of SIRI. I actually have come to enjoy the interchange about other stocks of interest within my bretheren. I'll venture over to Market Watch, but only when someone here has pointed me there.

    I have no plans for a three-day weekend here. In fact, I'd prefer to have an active market on monday to try to wish my holdings back into the green. That's my two cents. Enjoy the weekend, all.

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    It's been a slow day here and in other SIRI related places. Wednesday was similar to today's activity. I think you are right about forum activity with respect to the markets. Nothing much really going on out there other that the meteor hitting Russia.

    What concerns me is the complacency... market goes up "great", market goes down "oh well." This is normally a sign of a correction in my opinion. Market volume is light so I suspect something is going to give.

    Edit: Anyone catching Walmart Sales Disaster Report in AH???

    "In case you haven't seen a sales report these days, February MTD sales are a total disaster," Jerry Murray, Wal- Mart's vice president of finance and logistics, said in a Feb. 12 e-mail to other executives, referring to month-to-date sales, according to Bloomberg. "The worst start to a month I have seen in my ~7 years with the company."

    Edit: Also, I've noticed many investors dipping their toes in penny stocks. Nothing wrong with this as long as you understand the risk involved. With that said, when penny stocks become active this is another sign that the markets are toppy or frothy and investors are looking elsewhere to make a quick buck. This is my opinion of course. Just be careful and be ready if something happens.
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    I'll tell ya what it is...., we got a bunch of HOBO'S in Washington going on vacation when there's work to be done. No wonder light volume in the markets, I wouldn't be trading either when there's a bunch of retards deciding mine and all of our fates, oh well, vacation time, they are head strong at trying to become the victor at all cost, instead of compromising for the people!!! If we don't win we'll burn the whole place down, real smart, smart people. It's about time to break out the pitchfork. I don't handle my finances like Washington does, and if I did I'd be broke and in debt., sorry for the tyraid.

    Have a good weekend all, TGIF

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    If any premium members are interested in having your blog perks extended to the forums please let me know.

    My idea is to give premium members the following;

    No Ads (just like on the website)
    Custom Titles (instead of member or senior member you could create your own)
    More private message storage (increased from 50 to 250)
    Increased signature length (instead of being limited to 250 characters and 1 line, you could use 500 characters and two lines)
    Access to a Private Premium forum (you can use for support, premium article related questions, and potentially private discussions with other members)

    If you have any other ideas/requests or would like me to activate these privileges, please let me know.
    Charles LaRocca
    SiriusBuzz Founder

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hillbilly View Post
    a little nibble for those of you that are playing with bows and arrows

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    Hey HB good to see you. Not sure what ymmv is but it looks like a chart of AAPL to me with the price bouncing off the long term trend line, and the pitchfork down doesn't look pretty.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sparky View Post
    Hey HB good to see you. Not sure what ymmv is but it looks like a chart of AAPL to me with the price bouncing off the long term trend line, and the pitchfork down doesn't look pretty.

    I believe YMMV stands for "your mileage may vary". I had to do a little DD to discover that. Hillbilly "might would" like to make us think.

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