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So this is where all the familiar faces hang out at eh? Wish I had ventured over here sooner. You guys have some good discussion going on during the day as always!

Anyone here follow money flows? Looked like a bear trap at open and I noted that to a commenter in one of my articles today. Stock was bought up heavily through the day and money flow showed that. Granted, share price doesn't always follow the money but with the sharp drop today not making any sense (to me at least) I figured it was a fake / scare to shake out some shares.
I'm still learning though... :P

Looks good for the rest of the week, and a big thank you to Mr. Tinker for that $4.20 target.

What's Up ICU/SF!!

Good to see you man. Hope you show up more often. I need to catch up on my reading. I'll check out your articles in the next day or so. Great man....glad you found us.