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Thread: Looking for compatible antenna

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    Looking for compatible antenna

    I bought a SiriusXM tuner (SXV200V1) for my new head unit but the stock antenna is horrible and refuse to mount it to the outside of my 350Z. Does anyone know of a "stock-like" antenna that is compatible with this device? I know just about every car coming out these days has an option for an SiriusXM tuner, but I dont know if their antenna cables would have a connector that is compatible.


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    Welcome to the forums.

    I have a couple of thoughts and options for you...

    1. You can take your current stock antenna, pick up a rattle can of color match paint from autozone, and spray it to match the color of your car. You'd be surprised how quick it disappears when it blends in.

    2. You can get a smaller antenna AND paint it to color match your car;

    3. You can go to Nissan and see what they have in the way of an OEM antenna to match your car, the plug in connector should be compatible. If it isnt, you could always buy an adapter or splice the wire if you're handy.

    Hope this helps.

    Make sure you report back and let us know it it goes for future readers!
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