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Thread: 1-30-13 SIRI Daily Thread, Lets make some Money!!!

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    RC - here's my post from 1/21/2013. While I don't do daily, I'm more comfortable doing longer-term.

    GLTA, whatever your investment vehicle.

    Quote Originally Posted by MLSiri View Post
    Just some food for thought: Malone's first major forward agreements for were something like $2.04 and $2.15 per share. There was a lot of speculation about whether these purchase prices marked the ceiling or the floor for the share price. Now with his latest purchases averaging $3.15, is this a ceiling or a floor?

    Malone doesn't just throw money away - I believe we now have some new flooring upon which to construct a very high vaulted ceiling to house a rather large vault !

    Quote Originally Posted by Redcloud View Post
    I just wish I wasn't the only one with the nuts to make a call on tomorrow, and others would put their neck on the line, and let the chips fall where they may, around here. I'm fixin to quit myself, and only send PM's to my friends my opinion, if we all know so much, it seems we'd put our neck out, (I could care less if your wrong, that's not what it's about), I want to know who's the best, and it's the only way to see who's the best. My friends know that's bs, I can't keep my mouth shut about SIRI. Call the skit if you think you know it, and I'm talking tomorrow, not next week or month. I've gave my imo. Gla

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    Quote Originally Posted by SlapShot27 View Post
    +1 Redcloud (your thoughts related to NAZ's post). I think it's OK to discuss other stocks on a day when SIRI-related news is scarce. Further, I give deference to the regular posters. If they want to discuss the circumference of denco's testicles it's OK with me. They are the ones who are keeping the forward momentum of this forum. I know we are all anxious to hear about SIRI. There just doesn't seem to be much going on.
    I agree but, if we start talking about the circumference of denco's huevos on the day of an earnings call, I'll turn on the negative rep feature.
    Quote Originally Posted by midas360 View Post
    I've noticed that once you've given user reputation points, it won't allow you to give anymore to the same person. At some point, the feature becomes obsolete until someone you've never given reputation to posts. How many times do you have to give reputation to different people before you can give more reputation points to someone you've given to in the past? Thanks!
    It is currently set at 10. The default was 20 but, I thought that was too high. I do like the feature though, it prevents people from gaming the system. That said, I think you can still leave positive rep twice in a row, the points just aren't counted the second time around until you rep 10 other people first. Hope that makes sense.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Redcloud View Post
    Time for some James Brown!!!

    Short Shorties Short!!!!
    I feel good......

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