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Thread: 1.29.13 Tuesday

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    Long before most of you joined, Brandon did the same thing to me. However, I was fortunate enough to get some of my money back ($100). It took me a year and ruined a lot of relationships in the process. I am sorry you guys are going thru this. I tried warning as many people as I could but to no avail. I figured what comes around goes around.

    Good Luck!

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    Charles was asking yesterday what to do about siri earnings. I am desperately trying not to own siri going into the earnings.

    here are my reasons...PLEASE dispute if I'm wrong cause I'm no economist

    1. Didn't we post some huge earnings last time from the NOL movement on the books? I think it may look like a huge drop in earnings this time.
    2.Even if earnings were awesome, we already know they will meet or beat because they released that info already so there won't be any surprises.
    3.What happened to F(ord) today? It looks like the same happened with aapl, great earnings and rewarded with 5% drop.

    I dunno, I figure even if it takes off to $3.25 I can get back in at $3.17. Otherwise I'm buying in the $2.90 area post earnings.

    Just sayin' not guarantee'n

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    Romo...F is getting beat up due to an increasing loss in Europe this year of about $2B. Everything else looks good at F!

    Not concerned about NOL earnings...analyst projections do not figure that in!

    Not sure about meet/beat...could easily have some stuff up their sleeves...a beat is one thing...a homerun is another story altogether...I'm not expecting one though!!

    I think you right though...if it pops up to mid 3.20's even low 3.30's...will come back to earth sooner or later!!


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    Red face

    IM, I have some of those same thoughts, re. SIRI holds no big surprises as far as I know, and yes, I think without those NOLs at play, it might look like a letdown. I too have some dry powder bidding in the $2.91 gap, but I feel I need to lighten up my holdings so I wish for a minor POP before the CC, say to 2.25 or so. It's not that I have lost confidence in SIRI but for now I see other equities I'd like to dabble in which appear to be poised for some decent profits. I'd rather spread my cash around at least until we see how SIRI under Liberty control will shake out. Besides, in my greed I've allowed myself to be top heavy with SIRI. Common sense is trying to drive me back into a more diverse portfolio. I need to heed that message, but I'd like to squeeze at least another dime out of SIRI before taking a bunch off the table.

    PS. Wouldn't you know I bit off a big chunk of Ford in my wife's account yesterday................. at least i won't get beat up too bad since it was through her constant badgering that I finally gave in (to her "emotional attachment".........which I have tried to get her to see the other side of. I'm dealing with a person who bet big on Microsoft in the year 2000, and it was only last year when i was able to convince her to let it go. She bit the bullet and took a 54% loss when she sold. Her biggest complaint in recent times is how I convinced her to sell her American Tower (AMT) after a runup from $3 to $33, claiming "if I had not sold that, look what I would have made by now..... it's $78 and change........ but she doesn't realize or acknowledge all the dips along the way which, depending on when she might have looked, would have made her look pretty dull as an investor.......... Some day I may win her over, provided I can muster enough patience.
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    Hi All - I don't want to cloud up the SIRI chatter, but had to chime in w/ my BM story.

    Lifetimer. Ignored his $50 "yearly maintenance" fee until his new site launched because he disappeared. After my login was turned off, he wanted $150 and when questioned he raised the price to $500. LOL. F**k him and his megalomaniacial ego. </rant>

    GO SIRI!

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    I'd rather stay long thru earnings release as Sirius still has 64.2 million of remainig NOL's to take this 1/4,excerpted below from their 10-Q

    "The remaining deferred tax asset valuation allowance as of September 30, 2012 of approximately $71,700 relates to deferred tax assets we expect to realize as a result of pre-tax income anticipated during the fourth quarter of 2012 of $64,200 and deferred tax assets of $7,500 that are not likely to be realized due to certain state net operating loss limitations"

    This is good for 1 cent in EPS per Shr. Also, THe savings on extinguished debt in the 2nd and 3rd 1/4's will bear fruit
    this quarter in add'l net income to the bottom line. Finally, I'll be looking for the official roll-out announcement of their "MySXM" more than likely as it is in public beta now. The announced buyback will also create demand for Siri Shares,
    helping keep a floor on the price over $3.
    FInally, may be a shot at upping guidance on earnings release date,as we know it is ultra conservative.
    Just my 2 cents in why I'm holding thru Earnings release. Good luck as always to all!

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    You know, it was sure nice to find this thread where one could escape the shenanigans over on that other place. Now with all the related clutter showing up here, it really dampens one's spirit to say the least. How about someone go create another thread, call it BBM (bash bee em), and let your grievances flow freely without intruding on others who came here as a getaway.

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    What yoda said here is the only thing that works. Do NOT try to get your money thru paypal, it is a complete waste of time. File a claim with your credit card company. I wrote BM over 20 nice and polite emails since December and not 1 reply. Its funny, I was over in his county( Henando ) last week pulling permits for a job and I decided to file a complaint with the better business bureau. It turns out that he isn't even licensed. Of course, I took the correct actions and turned him in. BM is a scammer and should be in prison.

    Quote Originally Posted by yoda4x4 View Post
    Hey Guys,

    Like you I was scammed by him, and I went so far as to open a Paypal dispute. Save your time and energy and don't go thru Payal; they will not do a thing because they don't honor online subscriptions like his. But they did give me a method to get my funds reimbursed. NOTE: you can only do this if you paid via a credit card. Call your credit card company and file a dispute with them. They will be able to get your money back provided your payment was made within the past 2 billing cycles. I've already received notification that I will be seeing my refund shortly.


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    Quote Originally Posted by siriusly_invested View Post
    You know, it was sure nice to find this thread where one could escape the shenanigans over on that other place...
    My apologies siriusly_invested. I'm done & it won't happen again. I saw a few others and thought I'd chime in, that's all. Glad to be here and happy to have moved on to a better place.

    The best revenge is living well, and thanks to SIRI I most certainly am! Back to lurking now...

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    I had similar thoughts about amazon and sold out of my position yesterday. I think good earnings are built into the price and any kind of bad news will send it lower. If by chance it does get a bump, its going to pullback anyway. With SIRI's recent run, I'd tend to think the same thing about them but, that's just my "gut."
    Charles LaRocca
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