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Thread: 01/25/2013--Friday

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    Denco, did your book arrive yet?

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    I did some reading on AAPL this morning and came away with not so much confidence in making an investment there yet. Basically, the tone is netted out as follows:

    Could the technology company be faltering? It's unbelievable revenue growth over the last decade had to end at some point, right? The stock rocket met an air pocket, so to speak.

    Some analysts think Apple is losing steam, as seen by its stock woes over the last few months. The company is losing its mystic aurora as an infallible, unbeatable tech innovator and is starting to see rivals move ahead of it ... notably Samsung. Apple needed to show something extraordinary in its earnings report to excite investors and regain the aura that’s surrounded the company in the past. The earnings report failed to do that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by siriusly_invested View Post
    Denco, did your book arrive yet?
    Not yet SLY. Hopefully early next week.

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    $3.12 close tomorrow, imo, I see Weds. as a pivotal point, CC Feb 5, 2013 at 8:00 AM ET, come weds. T minus 5, gla
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