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Thread: Any way to listen on-line non-Flash?

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    Any way to listen on-line non-Flash?

    I have a lifetime Sirius Premium Subscription in my Toyota Tacoma. The only reason I got the premium subscription was to listen to Opie and Anthony. For some reason, I can no longer get the channel in my truck, but I used to listen to it on my phone. I have a Windows Phone, and there is no official SiriusXM app, but there was a third party app. Sirius changed their stream, and now that app does not work.

    So now I have paid a lifetime subscription for Sirius Premium so I can listen to Opie and Anthony, and I have no way to listen to them in my car. Since no phones use flash and their player is flash based, does anyone know of another way to stream the shows non-flash that I can get to with a phone browser?

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    Welcome to the forums.

    If I were you, I would start by contacting Sirius support because if you have the premier subscription, you should definitely be getting the Opie and Anthony channel.

    I know Adobe stopped supporting flash for mobile so, I think you are stuck until SiriusXM creates a windows app or changes to an HTML5 web player. I will be sure to check back in if either of these two things happen.
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