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Thread: I am back!

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    I am back!

    Don't look so surprised! Anybody here? I am looking for some good penny stocks..... Recommendations please. :-) shalom..

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    Good to have you back Bill.

    Penny stocks are terrifying. I wish I had more to say on the topic.
    Charles LaRocca
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    LOL, hey Bill... long time no see.

    I played a penny just a little while back... ticker was USGT. Got in and out pretty quick and ended up with cash. I just got a new acct, but paying per share there, so won't use it for pennies, but will still do over at my other acct.

    I usually don't stay in stuff for very long though (if I hold anything it's after I dump a decent amount of shares). With the pennies, I am real fast and won't hold onto them at all pretty much.

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