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Thread: Merge Sirius & XM Accounts

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    Merge Sirius & XM Accounts

    People have been wondering about being able to merge their Sirius & XM radios onto the same account, which hasn't been able to be done since the merge happened in 2008. Well, I'm glad to announce, that official word of the merge has been set for January 20th, 2013!! This will allow you to:

    1. Keep all of your radios, whether they be Sirius OR XM on the same account, to better manage your radios

    2. You will now be able to receive the MRD (Multi-Radio Discount) no matter what platform the radio is on. (One radio MUST be paying the full subscription price.)

    3. Swap out Sirius to XM, XM to Sirius, & every other which way.

    4. Lifetimes can now be swapped for any other platform. So that means, if you have a Lifetime with the free internet, you can swap the radio out, (With a $75 swap fee of course) to any radio of your choice without losing your free internet.

    The account merge, or consolidation, is only being done on a reactive basis, so they will not be offering to consolidate your accounts. You will simply need to ask to have this done for you and they will go ahead & merge your accounts to keep them all in one place! Not all details have been released so some things may change, or may come up.

    When you want this to be done, simply call, 1-866-635-2349 opt. 3 - for the cancellation department, which is where you will need to be to have this done.

    If you guys have any questions, be sure to ask & I will be more than happy to answer any that you have.
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