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Thread: Friday 1.18.13 Give me Liberty......

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    Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah!!!

    I appreciate the call IM_ROMO, we shall see tomorrow... I'm doing my analysis now, coming up with a gameplan for tomorrow. Just glancing, I see us hitting $3.19 again. I'll make a call by nights end just to make it interesting, I wish our fellow brethren would too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MLSiri View Post
    Just some food for thought: Malone's first major forward agreements for were something like $2.04 and $2.15 per share. There was a lot of speculation about whether these purchase prices marked the ceiling or the floor for the share price. Now with his latest purchases averaging $3.15, is this a ceiling or a floor?

    Malone doesn't just throw money away - I believe we now have some new flooring upon which to construct a very high vaulted ceiling to house a rather large vault !
    Liberty is not in the game to lose value on the's a floor of an elevator going up.....imo

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    I'm calling $3.19 high, $3.15 close. Gla

    Suck Eggs Shorty!!!

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