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Thread: Market Watch -January 2013

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    Quote Originally Posted by siriusly_invested View Post
    Rad, I saw your suggestion that we convene here with this ONVO talk. I also felt your frustration with that drastic drop this morning. While I am certainly no chart guru, here's one simple lesson you might appreciate when watching such volatility. In my attached chart from, at the top you will see what is called RSI (Relative Strength Indicator)...........Any trace below 30 means the stock is oversold, trace over 70 is overbought, and between 30 and 70 is neutral. Note that each time the RSI shows overbought the stock price goes down. Yesterday showed very heavily overbought so my gut told me the price was soon to fall. Further, I applied the Fibonacci Retracement tool which indicated the normal 50% retracement would be to 4.17. Maybe I was lucky, but I placed buy orders at 4.17 and also at 4.61 which is another high probability retracement indicator at 38%. Check out the chart below and let me know if I might help start you on a basic understanding (which is the level I am at).
    Very good, amazing how it works. Thanks!
    Your 4.17 was a VERY good in, at least in the short term.
    I am glad it took this little breather, hopefully it can march forward now.

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    Yes SI, I did mention it a little ways back in the $46-50 range and gave a short term estimate of $70

    I think the latest gap will fill....the one around $53ish not so much right now. that will be a run-away gap-up I think for the near future, but who knows for sure
    Quote Originally Posted by siriusly_invested View Post
    I think it was LimitBass who first mentioned DDD as a good prospect, and then Rad has brought more focus into the 3-D arena. Consequently, I've kept my eye there in hopes of finding a smart way in. Maybe I'm about to find it in DDD. Here's what I see:
    With RSI now at 84, it is most likely we'll see a correction real soon. Couple that with a good solid touch yesterday of the upper trend line (making that either the 3rd or 4th touch, depending on how accurate I can create the chart drawings), and I think it is now that it begins to retreat. The question of course is "how far?".............In my attached chart, a conservative view shows a small gap at 66, but for the more sporting, there is a broader one which happens to align with the 50% Fibonacci Retracement at 55 or so. It might be interesting to keep an eye on this one. It could be a nice opportunity to take advantage of.

    EDIT: well, for some reason I am having trouble uploading the chart so you'll just have to draw your own or else just take my word for what I've tried to illustrate. EDIT#2..........figured it's my chart.

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    Hey Bass, good to see you in here. I have to give it to you for that call for DDD to top at 70......looks like that was dead on. I tend to agree the gap at 53 or so may be along time incoming........... but certainly worth waiting for, it would seem.

    I need to try to keep my emotions in check as I comment of my planned entry last week into SBUX. If you recall, I had calculated a three-touch at the lower trend line at 54 which coincidentally aligned with a very broad gap, and also was immediately following a Golden Cross. I bit the bullet, followed my intuition and hit on a buy order at 54. Since then it has been gradually creeping uphill, bouncing between 54.30 and 55 plus change. I'm thinking it's going to begin its move up off of that lower trend line soon, and make headway in hopes of that Golden Cross anticipated influence. Anyway, that one so far has been a good test for me.

    The other seemingly lucky test happened this morning as you might have read, in which I seemingly called an accurate buy opportunity on ONVO (which happens to be another of those blossomming 3-D printer stocks).

    Good to see you. I always enjoy hearing your thoughts and getting your inputs.


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    For any of you AAPL investors out there, I feel for you. As of the last time I checked AAPL's sp in PM, they are getting killed over their less than postiive earnings announcement. They are red like -50. That's going to leave a mark.


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    I am seeing at least $42 to the low side and up to $55 on the high side if DECK has a breakout to the upside on heavier than average volume. the chart is shaping up nicely so far...

    EDIT: The triangle line sits at $40 for today, approx. $39.80 for needs to close above the line on heavy volume to confirm the breakout

    DECK 2013-01-24.jpg
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    Quote Originally Posted by yoda4x4 View Post
    For any of you AAPL investors out there, I feel for you. As of the last time I checked AAPL's sp in PM, they are getting killed over their less than postiive earnings announcement. They are red like -50. That's going to leave a mark.

    Yeah, kind of ugly, glancing at it, looks like opened on trendline, then dropped. I looked at my email, a buddy of mine asked at the end of Dec where I thought it would go with some market turnage, and I estimated near $200, now it doesn't seem as silly.

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    On the SIRI discussion thread I introduced an opinion that RAD might be approaching a consideration for entry at 1.44, and one indicator I used was the apparent approaching Golden Cross whereby the 50dma ascends the 200dma, and subsiquently my assumed conclusion that when that occurs there usually will be an escallation in the stock price. I have found multiple examples of this Golden Cross phenominum, so I wish to illustrate just one of those (this being FSLR........First Solar) which currently demonstrates why I believe this to be a good reason to take advantage when "Golden Cross" approaches. Please let me confess that I am merely learning to analyze and interpret chart data so I do welcome any comments either supportive or constructive to assist my learning endeavor.

    Here is the recent chart of FSLR showing how the sp began it's ascent immediately after formation of the Golden Cross, and ascended from a price of $22.20 to a high of $35.60 within just a few weeks when it contacted the upper trend line and retreated. It now seems headed for the lower trend line where the next buy opportunity could be in the range of $28. If the investor were adhering to the theory of reacting to the "third touch" of the upper and lower trend lines, respectively, it is obvious that such behavior would have yielded nice returns. Here is the chart which bears watching for a possible clue for prosperous reentry.
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    If AAPL truly is cheap at these current prices, why wouldn't the company use those piles of cash it has on hand to buy back its stock? You'd likely see a $100 pop overnight.
    Charles LaRocca
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    Here is a close-up (5 min chart) of the DECK chart that I am watching for today if there is a breakout to the upside. The green line is the triangle line.....holding right above the line....looking good so far.....just needs a push now with a volume surge to confirm the breakout...

    DECK 2013-01-25.jpg

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    looks like today might be the day -- sold puts the other day and bought some shares today

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