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Thread: Market Watch -January 2013

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    On just about any pattern confirmation, you are waiting for the close. You do not discount the intra-day activity, as it could also provide indicators or clues in the direction of the share price, but the close is a stronger indicator than the intra-day activity

    EDIT: Here is a close up of the right shoulder as of this morning. The close yesterday was above the neckline.

    AAPL 2013-01-15.jpg
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    Limit - in your chart you state "a break below the neckline on above average volume would confirm the head & shoulder pattern with a target of approx $415". Does that mean that the break has to be done with the closing sp or can it be done with the High/Low sp? It appeared as is if came close if not actually broke thru on the low of yesterday, which is why I ask.

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