This should help eliminate e-mails regarding confusion about whether an article was written by Tyler Savery (myself) or Brandon Matthews.

Our articles are all published HERE on SiriusBuzz and attributed to the proper person.

There are sites that pick up stories from SiriusBuzz and republish them. Sites such as Seeking Alpha and IStock Analyst pick up SiriusBuzz articles.

Seeking Alpha attributes the articles correctly to Tyler (myself) or Brandon. At this point IStock Analyst is crediting me (Tyler) with Brandons articles.

The problem with this situation is that Brandon and I do not always agree, and we each have our own perspectives.

SiriusBuzz has contacted IStock Analyst to rectify the situation, but as yet this has not happened. We are making efforts to continue to notify the site of this situation.

Perhaps readers here can help in getting the articles correctly attributed to the correct author.

As always, we thank you for your readership.