Be careful of the renewal scam. I bought a brand new Ford with the typical trial period of Sirus radio with the weather package. A few days before the plan was going to end I received a phone call asking if I wanted to continue my service. I was offered a full year for one price for the platinum package. I agreed and paid. After a couple days go by I tried to check the weather in my truck and received a failure on the screen showing not activated. I called the number on the screen and was asked to hold. After 35 minutes on hold I was asked to pay an additional $24 for 4 months for the weather package. I felt that had I just got scammed. I asked to speak to a manager. The desk level agent put me through to another desk level agent. I had to spend another 20 minutes explaining all over again. The so called customer service agent told me that he could give me the same package for $24 for the whole year and that the original person should have told me that I was not getting the weather package. I was trying to ask to speak to a manager but the agent kept getting louder and tried to speak over me. I finally was put through to a manager after an hour. The manager just kept trying to tell me sorry and tell me how much the package was. I don't understand why the renewal agent did not tell me that the platinum package is not what you have now.

If you decide to keep your service be sure to ask what all your getting. If you don't you'll be stuck like I am. The customer service is a joke and pushes you off to the next person, no one truly helps you.