Hi, first post here and basically registered to get some help/advice on this.

I have had a lifetime subscription to Sirius since 2006. It was in a unit that I had installed in my car and I loved it. I also purchased a lifetime subscription to the best of XM when the NBA went from Sirius to XM after their merger. So in all, I had lifetime to Sirius and Best of XM in my car.

This past September, I bought a new car that had an xm radio installed in it. As the story goes with so many people that I've seen on the internet, I was told by SiriusXM that I couldn't switch my subscription from a Sirius radio to an XM radio. Rather than fight them and ruin the joy of my new car, I just used the 3 month trial that came with the car. Unfortunately, that ended today.

Obviously I have little leverage with this. They already received my money so its not like threatening to cancel is going to hurt or scare them, but I do feel that I am entitled to something since they are the same company and I paid them over $500 dollars for a subscription that I can't use now.

My questions are:

Has anyone successfully fought with SiriusXM to have their subscription changed over from one car radio to another? If so, what are the buzzwords to use or who do I need to demand to speak to?

Also, I have seen on forums about switching subscriptions with other people in similar situations. Is this actually possible and how does one do this?

I'd really appreciate some help. I'd love to just say "forget this company and their bush league tactic when it comes to dishonoring a lifetime membership" but after 6 years, and all the time I spend in the car, it would be like canceling cable and just having basic 2-13 TV.

Thanks in advance for the help!