Thanks in advance for anyone who can help me. Here is my situation:

(I'm Canadian if that makes any difference with my question)

I bought a sirius radio with boombox bundle for my dad for Christmas I am a sirius subscriber but I only have online I never bought a radio for my car.

Since the weather is so bad here we cant install the radio on the car at the moment but since my dad works construction I still wanted him to be able to use the boombox while at work. I plug in the receiver and place in a southern direction right by the window and all I will get is an acquiring signal notification, nothing else I had it plugged in for hours with no change. Also, when I tried to send an activation signal to my radio using my SID/ESN it says it's invalid.

here are my noob questions:

Do I have to install in my dads car first before I can use the boombox/can I just use the boombox while waiting for the weather to get better?

Do I have to buy a brand new subscription so my dad can use this or can he use mine?

Will I get a signal before I send that activation signal or only after?

Will My SID/ESN only be valid when I buy a brand sew subscription?

I am thankful for anyone who can help me out as I leave tomorrow and my old man isin't exactly technically savvy.

Also, I am only here bugging you guys as I can find nothing in my search online fro answers and I sent an email to customer support but that was 2 days ago.