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Thread: siri daily 12-28 - got my dividend!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spencer Osborne View Post
    Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday season. As premium members know, I am out on the road until January 3rd. I am keeping tabs on the market, and the usual technical analysis will be up before the weekend finishes. Even when away I try to keep things flowing here at SiriusBuzz.

    Thank you all for your readership and thank you premium members for your membership. We know you all like to have a quality site to have as your go-to place and we strive to provide that. Hopefully we meet or exceed your expectations. 2013 should be even better.

    Dividend has been cut, and we should start off the new year with a bang.
    Thanks for all you do and drive safely! Look forward to another successful trading year!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hillbilly View Post

    "Hey now..." ™

    always appreciated you, Johnny...the avatar appears to have been tainted, though...time for it to be retired
    HB, nobody stole your photo. It was just a coincidence but JB stuck his nose in my sh7t for some reason. I been around these boards on and off for a few years and don't track who uses what photo.. Nor do I give a crap. So I will stick with this photo for a while and probably post a little more frequent just to show it off. Cheers!

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    When is there going to be a new show on blog talk?
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    We try to keep things drama free here, but every once in a while need to set records straight because liars out there insist on telling lies and have told them so often that they tend to believe their own lies themselves.

    SiriusBuzz has NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER complained to Google news about any other website. We have been the victim of other people doing that to us, but have always tried to remain on a higher road above that fray. Anyone that states that we have made such a complaint is a LIAR.

    I have in the past tried to correct these types of lies. Most intelligent people out there already know that these are lies, but there are a few that will believe anything fed to them as long as it sound plausible. There is nothing I can do for those unfortunate enough to be in that position other than let them know when a lie is being told about us.

    That corrects the record yet again. Sorry for the interruption, and Happy New Year To All (including those that lie about us)

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    Quote Originally Posted by sxminvestor View Post


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    sorry bout the boys denco....each loss by romo in important games gets tougher to handle

    bears are also on the outside looking in again this year
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