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Thread: SIRI Daily Friday 12.21.12-No Plan B, lookout below......

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    Not blaming Romo because he is amazing to overcome what position the defense and poor coaching put him in, but how can that be the best he or the staff could come up with in OT. All the mistakes and injuries are overcome by not giving the ball back to Brees and getting first downs. So frustrating, but apparently can still take the division with a win over the Redskins next week if the Giants keep screwing up and lose today.
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    With such an awful defensive showing they should have been more aggressive in overtime and gone no huddle and PASS PASS PASS. But, make no mistake, you have to win a game when your offense puts up 31 points at home. The defense killed us. If we win in Wahington we are division champs and in the playoffs with the Giants stinking it up.
    Why is it so obvious to us, but they don't see it and just say the same old shit afterwards in the post game about the other team making more plays. Dammit, it came down to the decisions in overtime and that is it.

    I know a win next week still gets us in with the division title, but a win today may have allowed us to slip in via wild card next week even with a loss to the Skins.
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