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Thread: Best at home receiver?

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    Best at home receiver?

    I'm a sirius subscriber in my car. I'm thinking of getting my father a receiver and a year's subscription for his home. What is the best receiver? He does not have wifi.

    While he could use the receiver in the car, frankly, he's already a bit of a "distracted driver," so this would be used principally (or always) in his home, rather than car.

    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Personally, I wouldnt be too worried about the receiver but, that's just me. How often do you spend fiddling with the channels and settings as opposed to just sitting back and listening? The app is a different story because you can play around with all kinds of stuff in a big interface but, as you said, no wi-fi (does he have internet access? Get him a wireless router for $20!).

    What you need to think about is, how/where is he going to set this thing up and will he need a remote to change channels. Does he have a stereo system to plug it into?

    I would make sure it comes with a home dock, has a remote and grab whatever is on sale with the longest subscription you can afford with it ;-)
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