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Thread: SIRI Daily Thread - Tuesday 12/18

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limit5Bass View Post
    The powder is being allocated elsewhere. I tend to look at % gains, not absolute gains. Yeah, SIRI goes from 3 to 3.30 for a 10% gain....I see a few other stocks with at least the same chance if not a better gain by the time SIRI gets to $3.30
    Bass I wish you the best, your an awesome chart man and I know you will do well!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Limit5Bass View Post
    I think SIRI has a lot of great potential still RC, but there are lots of other great stocks out there too......maybe we can discuss some of those stocks sometime...
    Ummm... how about now? Don't hold out on us.
    Charles LaRocca
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