If you look at this bands history, they actually formed before The Rolling Stones. However, their 1st album came out in 1965, after the Stones 1st.
Anyway, these guys are still going strong in The Netherlands, constantly selling out shows. They had a hiatus year in 2000. Other than that, they have never stopped. More than can be said about most bands.
They released another new studio album this year, titled (ahem) Tit's 'N Ass. The music is unmistakably Golden Earring.
Give them a spin. They deserve the recognition.
A few tunes (of many) that come to mind are, 'She Flies On Strange Wings', 'Going To The Run', '(Kill me) Ce Soir', 'The Devil Made Me Do It', 'Pouring My Heart Out', and 'I Can't Sleep Without You'.
Thanks. Hope you consider it.
Golden Earring. Rock's best kept secret. Should now be told!!

Dan Lynch