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Thread: SXM daily Thread 11-30-12

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    The part I am not so sure about is the "heavy buying" part....I would watch them pull the asks to get the share price up .01 and then sell heavy into the bid. There was more selling into the bid than buying the ask the last 2 weeks per me watching the time and sales constantly like I do every day. Don't get fooled by what Avafin says as those numbers can be distorted. If they want it to be an "up" day, sell a 100 share lot before all the MM transfers happen .005 above that price....if they want a "down day", do the a 100 share lot off the ask and then do all the MM transfers at a .005 less than the last transaction so they all show up as "sales"......very easy to "manipulate", even though I hate using that word
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    yeah, it fell right on the pivot, so I guess that is bullish, but I always get concerned with the action that I see. They were holding it down today for some reason. I was seeing huge lots going through 1 -2 cents above where it was trading and that normally causes a nice pop in short time. They also kept both P & F charts inside a channel putting question if they will retrace down to a 2.69 intraday and 2.71 - 2 close again. They were trying to cause lots of frustration with buyers who want in by not allowing opening gaps to fill and then filling with big lots that stuck even though it was away from the trading bid/ask. We never saw 2.74 today, but after hours 87k hit, like the 2.70 lots yesterday.

    They could just run the stock up Monday if Frear says something positive even if markets are soft PM. Maybe they dip it PM before Frear speaks to the lower 2.70's. For some reason there seemed to be an initiative to cap it with all the strange heavy buying the last 2 days.

    I am always skeptical because they tend to keep it below key Moving averages and support to make you think it is going lower or close it just above for the opposite and then do the old bait and switch.

    I believe Liberty bought more today and could be done now or maybe not, but something seemed up the way Liberty opened up down 60 cents only to be up almost $3 later on ?
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