I bought a lifetime xm premier subscription in 2009. Been listening for years. As of middle of this month I've stopped getting the premier channels. No Howard Stern, no Playboy, etc. But also, no NFL play-by-play channels (225-239 & 88).

I get all the other channels just fine.

I've called support a dozen times. Talked to a dozen different support people and they all have me doing the same thing: unplug the radio, remove it from the cradle (it's a home unit), plug it back in, send refresh signal, send master refresh signal, wait 2-3 days for all the channels to load. And nothing.

It seems like the support people are all reading from the same script--but we keep doing the same "fix it" steps and nothing gets fixed. I still am not getting the premier channels. They even sent me a new (refurbished) radio. Same problem, so that means my old radio wasn't "broken".

Now it's been escalated a 2nd time and I have to wait another 5-10 business days before I can expect to hear something back from them. I don't understand what's taking so long.

Is anyone else experiencing a loss of their premier channels? Has anyone else had this problem and had it fixed? If so, what solved the problem? What was the problem?