I have been a subscriber for 5 years and have had my reciever in the same location in my house. I have also been using the remote antenna set up as I needed the antenna outside to recieve the signal. Now all of the sudden the "AQUIRING SIGNAL" message never goes away. The remote box in the other room has all three lights lit up showing that it has power, antenna is detected, and signal. The other remote box by the reciever has the light on it showing signal. I have inspected the wire from that box to the reciever for any damage or breakage and it looks to be in fine shape. This stuff never gets moved around except to dust. I called customer service but they were really of no help. My subscription just got renewed of course so I don't want to cancel and lose that money. I really like my Sirius radio. Any suggestions apart from start buying these remote pieces again? Thanks for any help.