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Thread: How low can SIRI go?

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    How low can SIRI go?

    I definitely think it is undervalued now, but does anyone think that the big shorts can push this down below 50 cents? Or will so many people buy at 99 cents that it will get enough support to stay around a dollar?

    It seems like right now it is just a race to see what comes first... 99 cents or a very big and promising news item.

    Is Mel sitting on some big info that he is trying to hold until after Labor Day, but would be willing to let out it if the price drops below a buck? Would he be worried about a sub dollar price?

    Just wonder what everyone's thoughts are. I'd like to buy more, but just want to get an educated idea about what the lowest potential bottom for he stock could be... barring an entire market moving event, or some legal issue directly related to the company.

    Also can anyone tell me what brought SIRI down to 41 cents back in 2003?

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