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Thread: What New Products Would You Like To See?

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    What New Products Would You Like To See?

    First on my wish list is an internet based Sirius Conductor. Sirius XM need to make a stand alone internet device like the Conductor that only plays the premium stream via either a wifi or ethernet connection. The Sirius Conductor is cool but the SQ off the satellite while OK for the car is somewhat lacking for a good home system. Additionally, having to run the wire to a window facing the right direction can be a hassle and unsightly. Years ago, the cable company used to offer a music service called DMX. It also had an LCD in the remote that gave the music info. The Sirius Conductor via the internet stream would be a winner that has the potential to get another $2.99 out of OEM customers. I know Logtech makes the Squeezebox but I am talking about a device that only plays Sirius (or XM) premium stream and costs ~$100.

    A portable handheld Wifi device that receives the wifi internet stream would be a winner. The Stiletto is cooler because it works off a the satellite and wifi but it requires a second subscription and a premium internet stream upgrade to get the full benefit. That's $10 more. I think alot of car only subscribers could be convinced to spend another $2.99 for use with either a Internet Conductor or a WIFI portable if they were available.
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