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Thread: Weak XM signal

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    Weak XM signal

    I just purchased a Honda 2012 CRV with a built in XM radio. I frequently lose reception. A few other people I know have the same problem. I live on Northern Vancouver island. If I drive 2 or 3 hours down the island my reception improves. I have 2 Sirius subs in my other vehicles with no reception issues. I believe that I am on the edge of XMs' footprint. Is XM planning on improving their signal?

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    XM uses two satellites in geostationary orbits, while Sirius uses three satellites in highly elliptical orbits so, it would make sense that you have no issues with your Sirius radios but do experience issues with your XM unit.

    The next new satellite in line is FM-6, it will be able to broadcast both Sirius and XM and is slated to launch in May of 2013.

    It would be nice to see if there are any other XM listeners North of you who get a good signal. I wonder if the issue is local to you or if you're too far north, which seems unlikely?
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    I live about 100 miles above the 50th parallel. I haven't contacted SiriusXM Canada yet to see what they say about my issue.I did contact SiriusXM USA as my subs are through them. One of their techs also mentioned a new sat launch but didn't have a date.

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