I have made mention of this before when SIRI first went below the 2 dollar mark for more then 5 days that the old SIRI investors on margin (weak money) was now switched for the newer (strong money) investor. This happened because of margin calls and not being able to buy SIRI on margin while it was under 2 dollars. The new investor, I feel will be there for far longer then the old ones that got in for the merger POP. First reason is they are not buying on margin which means they are not worried about the high interest rate they are paying for margin interest. Second they are freash and not beaten by the merger fatigue. They are also more willing to wait because they know there will be no big bounce but see the potential for a nice slow and long rise in the stock price. This just happen again with the XMSR transfer to SIRI shares. I have started to notice something new on the boards. First I saw more of the pissed off investor blaming Tyler, Mel, and anyone else. That is now switching to people saying they are new here and just bought in to SIRIXM, and are excited to be in what they think is a nice growth opportunity. I as a true long am glad to see the switch. If there was ever something that pissed me off was that these people that were just here to make a quick buck off the merger, were mad that they could not sell after a few dollar rise in the stock, leaving us true longs holding the bag. Well I say out with the old and in with the new, nice to see you new guys.