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    I would like to see Sirius tie up with promoters in the music industry to broadcast live rock concerts that may be be simulcasted at a small fee to radio listeners. I also feel that Sirius could establish a pay per listen event with certain sports such as boxing, wrestling, etc. This would be an opportunity to share revenues with the music promoters and Sirius, and at the same time bring live unedited events to our listeners. Thank you for your time.

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    Hey Ott.

    Both good ideas. I know I've seen the idea of marketing through concerts talked about pretty recently around here. I don't remember if it was in a blog posting or part of the forum discussion. But I do remember discussing the pay per view stuff a while back. Here's the (ever so brief) thread if you want to expand on it.

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    Than you for your relay. What about the live rock concerts ?

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    I cant remember off hand what the last live show was but I am pretty sure that Sirius has run quite a few live concerts from some big name artists.

    They also run replays of concerts which is just as god as live to me. That being said, your point is well taken on other live events.
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    That's a very good idea. Sort of a radio pay-per-view platform. I have a feeling we'll be there someday as Mel seems to be trying to replicate cable TV on the radio.

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