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    The instant order follows in the wake of the Department of Justice (the “DOJ”) Antitrust Division’s questionable decision to close its investigation of the merger without requiring any conditions. The DOJ explained that it could not find that such a merger would substantially lessen competition, in part, because of a lack of competition between the parties even without the merger. Thus, the DOJ concluded that the merger would not make matters much worse — hardly consolation for consumers.

    Ostensibly, the DOJ relied on two key premises in reaching its decision: long-term sole source contracts with automobile manufacturers and the lack of an interoperable radio. Even though the DOJ acknowledged that the Applicants competed on the terms of automotive contracts, including the amount of equipment subsidization, it readily dispensed with this consumer benefit, because many of the sole-source contracts were locked up for extended periods. Further lack of competition between the Applicants was explained by their decision not to bring an interoperable radio to market despite a Commission requirement to do so. It is ironic that the DOJ relied on the Applicants’ failure to comply with the interoperability mandate as a justification for the merger. The DOJ also gave the Applicants a pass on the financial interests and corporate directorships held by major automotive manufacturers in the Applicants’ businesses and the merged entity’s future business. While more analysis is needed, this relationship presents a potential for discrimination against the installation of competitive technologies in the automotive sector going forward.
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