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    You use the debt of Sirius as evidence that Stern hasn't paid for himself? Interesting... Aside from the fact that Stern and Sirius do not operate in a vacuum. Whether Stern operates at break-even, or is profitable is irrelevant when it comes to explaining the debt on the books. You do know that there are other aspects of the business, right?

    Oh wait, I think I follow your logic. Howard Stern drew subscribers. And subscribers aren't going to pay Sirius (XM) out of the kindness of their hearts, which means they are going to want some kind of service in return. Shit, that means we have to launch a constellation of satellites and actually provide some kind of way for them to listen to him. Wait, wait wait... so you mean Stern made us spend billions of dollars on infrastructure?

    Holy shit guys! Not only is Stern not operating at a profit, he's not even running at break even! Problem solved. If we fire him we won't even need to build, launch, or maintain a constellation of satellites to begin with. Why didn't Mel think of this before?

    Incremental cash flows, read a book.
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