My Stiletto is causing me nothing but grief, as my reception always cuts out in about 5 minutes. It used to cut out about 20 times a day, and for two years, I would go and restart it, which was very annoying. Now, I can't get reception longer than about 5 minutes, so am unable to listen to it any longer. They could not get a satellite reception at my home, so I am on Internet connection. I called my service provider, and they said it has to do with my belkin router. I called Belkin and of course they won't help me because it is past warranty. So, I am unable to use my satellite radio at all, which is very frustrating. I went to Belkin support page and they said to find a static station Well, I don't know what a static station is, and googling did not give me an answer. Another help site said to change the channel through the MENU button, but there is no menu button on my Stilleto 2. I changed the frequency from 0, and tried 1, 2 and 3, but all cut out within minutes. Can anyone PLEASE tell me how to get a reception so I can go back to listening to music and get the smile back on my face? Thank you SO much! Sharon