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Thread: SIRIUS and XM is DEAD

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    SIRIUS and XM is DEAD

    This company is deader than a doornail. I am a subscriber and investor for over four years. Paid $6.55 per share- it closed yesterday for $1.40. If you are an XM investor percentage wise you lost even more. For Sirius-hiring Howard Stern was the beginning of the loss of red ink. He will flee back to CBS Radio because Sumner Redstone has already expressed in interest in his return because Imus on ABC without the resources of NBC is flat and Stern will make bundles for CBS.
    I really cannot believe that the regulators approved this merger, as it is bad for investors the programming has slid considerably and if it were not for the free car subscriptions they would not be able to post the false subscriber base that they currently do. Lets see what happens with the auto industry tanking how long these false numbers will last. I will wait a bit longer before I sell my stocks (Howard Stern and company bled the company before I could get my miserly few thousand backs) and will decide if I renew the subscription for another year.
    The only decent programming that Sirius has added in the past two years was the Metropolitan Opera- at least someone has a little intelligence at the top and was not always thinking about the bottom line.

    Jack Herlihy

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    Sheesh, give it more than days before condemning the new company. The stock price is frustrating, but it is more indicative of the beatdown the stock price took during the approval process and the last minute convert offer.

    I've lost money too, but the potential for this company is boundless. They have nearly 100% access to new cars, not to mention the used car market within the next year or two, and now all the programming synergies. It is certainly an uphill climb, but I expect a completelely different picture within the next year or two.

    And there is no way Stern will return to terrestrial radio. He has said so. It is not about money.

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    I cant for the life of me understand why people are so hung up on what Sirius paid Howard Stern. The advertising they sell on his channels alone will wind up paying his salary and that is before you add in the millions of listeners who followed him over to satellite radio.

    If you want to have an educated discussion about the merger, then have it but, the minute you start talking about how $100 mil a year for 5 years is too much money for a guy who helped a struggling Sirius catch an XM company which they had absolutely no business EVER catching up with, you sound like a dummy.

    For the record... your title should read "Sirius XM" not "Sirius and XM."

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    Jack I think for the most part, you are being pretty extreme with your condemnation of the companies.

    Yeah shareholder's lost a lot of "value". Let's not forget we are toying with a speculative stock here and without any solid foundation with which to base its valuation on, we are presuming growth, and hence it is widely volatile and subject to major valuation changes based on the emerging economy.

    Which brings me to my next point. Yeah car sales are down, particularly Ford and GM. They have their own set of financial woes, and they placed big bets on gas guzzlers which haven't panned out for them due to the oil prices. However, if you scan these forums a little (and the blog posts) you will see that this has been discussed at length. Even with reduced car sales, penetration is up. And ultimately, people are not going to stop buying cars. They may opt to even purchase newer more fuel efficient cars. America is not going to turn into Cuba, with a bunch of 1950's automobiles crusiing the street because we can't afford to buy cars. Get real. Everything is laid out there in black and white (mostly). The subs are paid for by the car companies, and we know that about 50 percent of people opt to purchase the service after their manufacturer subsidized period ends.

    The Stern issue has been addressed by others.

    I think you are letting your disappointment with the performance of the (speculative) stock get inside your head. And for the life of my I've never understood people who are mad at the stock price, so they threaten to cancel their subscription. Either you like the music programming or you don't. Do you really think your one subscription protest because you lost a few thousand dollars in the stock market is going to do anything besides save you 13 bucks a month?

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    Thumbs up The shorts write crap like this to....

    Yep shorts post this crap all over the net in all the forums regardless of the stock to benefit their short positions and then when all the uninformed chickens sell out it plays into their covering somewhere down the road. Do not sell out of SIRI because that along with isolating your shares or having them physically mailed to you prevents them from their ultimate goal and we all know what that really is. SIRI is a very strong buy in my opinion and we should see at least a double in 6 to 12 months so be vigilant.

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    bwebbman: You are aware of course that that article came from right here at SiriusBuzz right? Seeking Alpha picks up our articles and reposts them (with permission). Look at the author. It is our very own Brandon Matthews.

    In fact, here is the original link.
    Last edited by Newman; 08-15-2008 at 03:39 PM. Reason: added link

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    Un Aware

    Thanks Newman

    I wasn't aware! The article was so good I just knew it had to have come from an intelligent, aware and astute person.

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    Thats right, its sirius xm now, so its a whole new ballgame. The separate companies are dead, now the combined satrad companies can focus on dominating other media sources other than themselves.

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    All Caps is Overkill

    It would be in the interest of shareholders to at least edit the Title of This Post. When it keeps getting bumped up to the top of the forums, it has a negative effect on the physche of visitors to this site who may wish to purchase some stock or buy a subscription. So as not to be accused of blatent censorship, perhaps just change the all caps format in the title to upper and lower case. IMHO, as a conspiracy theorist, I think the poster may have nefarious intentions.

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