This company is deader than a doornail. I am a subscriber and investor for over four years. Paid $6.55 per share- it closed yesterday for $1.40. If you are an XM investor percentage wise you lost even more. For Sirius-hiring Howard Stern was the beginning of the loss of red ink. He will flee back to CBS Radio because Sumner Redstone has already expressed in interest in his return because Imus on ABC without the resources of NBC is flat and Stern will make bundles for CBS.
I really cannot believe that the regulators approved this merger, as it is bad for investors the programming has slid considerably and if it were not for the free car subscriptions they would not be able to post the false subscriber base that they currently do. Lets see what happens with the auto industry tanking how long these false numbers will last. I will wait a bit longer before I sell my stocks (Howard Stern and company bled the company before I could get my miserly few thousand backs) and will decide if I renew the subscription for another year.
The only decent programming that Sirius has added in the past two years was the Metropolitan Opera- at least someone has a little intelligence at the top and was not always thinking about the bottom line.

Jack Herlihy