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Thread: Poll: Who Is Right About A Share Buyback? Brandon or Tyler

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    spanyo, that "communist" thing was more for effect then anything else. Also I was not including you in that pissed off investor part. That was directed to the people that have left pissy comments about Mel. I also totally agree with this:

    "I've never been down on Mel. Not even for a second. I'm Long. He knows what he is doing and I have faith in that. Unless this stock becomes wildly overvalued, I'm not looking to sell for at least 4 years."

    Also did you see the interview on FOX. Remember what I was saying about the concessions before on the article I posted in the forums.

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    I did see Mel on Fox. I agree with everything you have said about the concessions. I would rather see the stock at $1 right now with what they got than any stronger concessions and a price of $2. He got a sweet deal done and it will pay off big time down he road.

    Let's just hope that the NAB doesn't find a way to stick HD in. I would imagine it will be difficult, but I see a new FCC taking a hard look at the open comment period about including it at a later time. I wonder how long that will drag on.

    You should save a copy of that concessions post and look at it 3-4 years from now... You'll be laughing all the way to the bank.

    I just wish I could go to sleep for the next four years.

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    Why isn't john an option on this poll?

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