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Thread: Poll: Who Is Right About A Share Buyback? Brandon or Tyler

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    Poll: Who Is Right About A Share Buyback? Brandon or Tyler

    Brandon Seems to think a share buyback program would be a good move. Tyler doesn't think so. What do you think? Who's right on this?

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    Gary and Mel should buy more personal shares. The company should wait.

    There will be other company buying opportunities. Even when they are profitable there will still be bashers to keep the stock below what it is worth.

    SIRI is thinking long term. Short term pain = Long term gain!

    If someone said I'll give you an 85% chance at $10,000 right now or a 75% chance at $50,000 in two years, I'll take the latter all day.

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    I'm with spanyo on this one. If it is necessary to reach out to the shareholders who just got pummeled, it should be coming from the pockets of management. Let management's confidence speak to the street.

    Sirius XM Radio has more pressing matters to handle, and wiser ways to use their cash.

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    Spanyo, I said why before in the main site. I will say it again, where do think most of there pay comes for? Thats right they are paid in company stock. So each and every quarter they buy shares weather they want to or not.

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    A Symbolic Gesture of Buyback

    Would be helpful. Is it true that the former XM CEO is to receive severance pay of $100 million or is that false info from bashers? If SIRI XM can pay out $100 million right now after sticking its stockholders in the neck with a fork, then they can buy back some stock also. A symbolic gesture or any gesture on the part of the company to demonstrate some faith in itself would be helpful to the company and its shareholders. Also, is there any potential for a lawsuit against Cramer for his untimely bashing?

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    As much as I'd absolutely love to see Sirius XM do a stock buyback of hundreds of millions of shares, if they did it at this time I think they would look reckless. They are known by everyone to be losing money at this point, they were recently forced to borrow more money at too high interest rates, and, although they say they will be cash flow positive in the not too distant future (and I believe they will), that is just an unguaranteed projection. If they did a stock buyback at this time, with the uncertainties of the economy and stock market at this time, compounded by the fact that they are still losing money, such action would yield about 2 minutes of joy. After that I think a lot of investors would run for the hills, feeling that building the company is now the only thing to do with scarce money. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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    Why isn't john an option on this poll?

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